Mobile Application Sponsor

Most delegates have shifted to the “WCA Events” mobile application as a tool to manage their One-on-One meeting schedules. Be the first to attract all delegates as well as create brand recognition with a slice display banner that links to your company website at the bottom of screen.


Options Price
1 Banner (Non-Exclusive) – Limited to 3 companies USD 390
3 Banners (Exclusive) USD 950


  1. This type of sponsorship is limited to three banners only.
  2. Sponsorship will be on a first come - first served basis and you will need to settle payment by the set deadline in order to have your sponsorship confirmed.
  3. GAA reserves the right to sell this sponsorship to other members if you do not settle your payment on time. Please note that this form of sponsorship is very popular and in high demand.

For additional information please contact